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Would you like some flour rich in minerals and vitamins, with no additives and preferred both by professionals and housewives?


The "Panis Vitae" flour (lat. Bread of Life) is produced to satisfy the needs of the professionals in the field, as well as those of the housewives and has the potential to be included in a large number of recipes, to make them even tastier. The high quality wheat we use in grinding is based on 5 varieties, carefully selected in order to provide the flour with a flexible aspect in recipes, a very good retention of water and richness in vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Milling Panis Vitae flour can only be done by mixing tradition with state of the art equipment, designed to mill only the finnest wheat. After the wheat is carefuly milled the particles are then selected with the utmost attention to obtain only flour rich in nutrients and thursty for water. Panis Vitae thus brings to you flour sculpted by tradition, and refined my the most modern equipment. Our fields are the source of healthy wheat and are accompanied every day by generous sunshine and a steady supply of water and minerals making healthy happen in our lives. We consider our Panis Vitae flour more like a good wine, made with ample wheat from the Romanian traditional countryside, and excellent for every occasion.

Our flour, either the whole-wheat flour or the flours with a similar degree of extraction, contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and E in percentage of up to 10 (RDA)*, which are essential to a harmonious development of the body. Moreover, our flour contains minerals of up to 80% (RDA), such as Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, proteins (22,5% RDA) and fibers (40% RDA). During the manufacturing process, we add no substances of those referred to above, thus the nutrients are natural and more easily absorbed in the organism.

Therefore, no matter the occasion, the Panis Vitae flour has the gift of making any recipe a successful and full of life one.

* calculation made for 100g of product, based on a normal 2,000 calorie diet, according to Report no. 1460202 of the Food Research Institute (ICA)


The flour or “farina”, as the Romans called it, is a product about which many people think it is not so important to make it qualitative, both for manufacturers, as well as for consumers. We do not share the same opinion.

The Panis Vitae mill produces whole-wheat flour resulted from grinding the whole grain of wheat, but also dietary and black flour, both of them with a rich nutritious content and very practical for any recipe.

The Panis Vitae flour is the result of 7 years of research. Through these tests our company wanted to create a flour which contains all the essential characteristics required by the professionals in the bakery industry and also all the nutritious elements in our wheat.

Our product is not only healthy, but it embodies our dedication for constant development. Thus, we don’t grind the wheat having in mind immediate profit and a product that is "as good as possible", but in a way that outlines our work, in accordance with the requirements of the professionals in the field, in a healthy and vitamin-rich flour.

Most of the mills, home and abroad, make flour only thru roller mills that heat up during the milling process and destroy valuable nutriments necessary for us, as well as natural substances that make dough rise or give taste. As such most mills, after passing wheat of vary types of quality thru heat, have to add non-natural chemicals so consumers are satisfied with the flour. In this case the consumer always looses. Our milling stones and selection process ensures quality, not quantity, at a decent price, with no additives. The Panis Vitae Mill thus ensures that our costumers will always be on the winning side, the healthy side.
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